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Summer 2020 Details

Updated: Jul 6

Camp Illiana continues to move steadfastly forward with generous support and love from so many in our Camp Family! With the Governor's new 4.5 Stage of the reopening plan, we are ready to welcome everyone back! We are so excited for summer camps to start and have been preparing to serve you and our church partners.  Summer Camp is packed with outside adventure, fun, water, new heights, friends, worship, Bible study, and more — all leading to transformation. Each of you are part of God’s work to reach the lost and call workers to His Kingdom.

Camp Drop-off and Pick-up Times

  • Elementary 3 // Check-in July 5 5:00 PM EST - Pick-up July 9 3:00 PM EST

  • Basecamp 3 // Check-in July 7 4:00 PM EST - Pick-up July 12 11:00 AM EST

  • Overnighter 2 // Check-in July 10 9:00 AM EST - Pick-up July 10 8:00 PM EST

  • Middle School 5 // Check-in July 12 5:00 PM EST - Pick-up July 17 11:00 AM EST

  • Middle School 4 // Check-in July 19 5:00 PM EST - Pick-up July 24 11:00 AM EST

  • Elementary 5 // Check-in July 26 5:00 PM EST - Pick-up July 30 3:00 PM EST

  • Overnighter 3 // Check-in July 31 9:00 AM EST - Pick-up July 10 8:00 PM EST


Camp Illiana is committed to providing a great camp experience for everyone.  The following guidelines include changes in camp policy relating to health screenings, pre-existing health conditions, arrival procedures, ongoing screening for campers, sleeping, air quality, and other arrangements for campers and volunteers. 

Packing List

To aid in extensive cleaning and disinfecting, we recommend you bring a sleeping bag and pillow as bedding and a plastic tote for bedding and clothes to store in.

Form Links

Each Camper and Volunteer will be required to complete an additional COVID-19 related Release. Please print and fill out the Release Form ahead of time to speed up the check-in process. Camp Illiana will also have Release Forms available at check-in.

Each Camper bringing medication will need to have a Medication Information Form.

Please print and fill out the form. The form will also be available during the check-in process. Having the form filled out ahead of time will expedite the check-in process, however it is not required.​

Check-In Process

You will arrive at Camp Illiana, 723 E 450 S Washington, IN 47501, at the designated time listed above.

  • Enter at the main gate, join the line of vehicles and proceed toward the Camp Illiana gravel parking lot.  

  • Campers and volunteers will have their temperature checked. 

  • As you enter the gravel lot, you will be greeted by staff and checked in as campers or volunteers. 

  • Anyone with COVID-19 related symptoms or situations will be asked to exit the Camp Illiana grounds via the drive to the right. See the guidelines for more information.

  • Next, proceed in your vehicle to the Room Assignment Tent, staff will assist you with room sign-up and your delivery of the Release and any other paperwork. You can drop off camper mail at this time. 

  • Proceed towards the First Aid Tent where you will drop off and discuss any medicines and food allergies.  To expedite this process, please have your medicine drop-off form completed ahead of time.   

  • You will then proceed in your vehicle to the designated point of drop off and unload.  Staff and volunteers will assist you with this and take campers to their rooms.

  • Parents/Guardians stay in or near their vehicles for the duration of the arrival process. 

Mission Offering

This summer, our mission partner is our dedicated Summer Staff!

The mission offerings will go to help pay for those who work around the clock to keep camp running. From check-in to sign-out, from the office to the paintball field, the zipline to the worship center, the dining hall to the blob, and throughout all of camp, your summer camp staff works tirelessly to make Camp Illiana the best it can be! Without their work ethic and hearts for showing the love of Christ, there can be no camp as we know it. Your offerings will be vital to allow a shortened camp season to happen! A suggested (not required) $20 amount will help your camper be a part of supporting these awesome Kingdom Workers.

Camp Store

Camp store items include affordable t-shirts, playing cards, pop sockets, mugs, hats, and other Illiana souvenirs. A suggested (not required) $20 amount will get the camper a t-shirt and a fun souvenir.   

Camper Mail

Each day we will have a mail delivery. Campers always enjoy receiving mail from home. Camp address for mail delivery is the following: 

Camp Illiana 

(Camper’s name and room number) 

723 E. 450 S. 

Washington, IN 47501

  • Electronic email notes can be emailed to and will be delivered to your camper during the mail call. Please include your camper's name and room in the subject line. 

  • No camper mail emails will be printed or delivered after 12pm the day before camp ends.

Safety Policy

Please note, campers are not to have their cell phones at camp. Any cell phones or electronic devices will be held for the session and kept locked in the office until the session is concluded. If a camper needs to contact home, or vise versa, additional contact information is listed below. Please review the comprehensive Safety Policy at the link below.

Basecamp 3

All campers registered for Basecamp 3 will need the following information and forms.

Contact Information

  • Camp Office, (812) 254-3322 or

  • Ellen Raymond, Programming Director | (812) 698-1693 mobile or

  • Ben Miller, Executive Director | (812) 459-4613 mobile or   

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