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The WHY behind the Ladies Retreat

Updated: Jan 23

The Ladies Retreat brings ladies together from diverse backgrounds. The setting at Camp Illiana can help ladies bond with each other, and discuss many things in depth. The retreat is carefully planned by dedicated experienced staff with a heart to see all the attendees take the next step with Jesus. 

A spiritual retreat is an integral part of the Christian community and a life following Jesus. A retreat is an ideal way to get closer to God. It can help a person to rediscover and trigger a greater faith. A retreat shouldn’t necessarily be a solo affair.

Explore these four reasons to consider attending the Camp Illiana Ladies Retreat. 

Less Stress 

The getaway will take attendees away from the confines of day-to-day living and away from busy, sometimes stressful lives. One way to get closer to God is through prayer. Attendees will have opportunities for time and reflection. Often times retreats like the Ladies Retreat help people to achieve inner peace that only Jesus can bring. This inner peace will help you to eliminate stress. This is very beneficial for the attendees' health.

Healthy Relationships 

Attendees bringing along family/friends are helped by spending quality time with each other. They will be able to interact with each other freely. This sometimes helps to improve relationships.

Connect with Nature 

This retreat at Camp Illiana will help attendees to connect with nature. As a people of faith, it is important that attendees appreciate and enjoy the many things God has provided us. Connecting with nature could help attendees to be more environmentally conscious, it may prompt them to step back and appreciate everyday things we may take for granted.

Self Care 

A retreat will help attendees to focus on themselves. In the busy lives we lead, most often, people neglect to take care of themselves.  Eating good food, eating on time, having food with good company, all will refresh and rejuvenate.

We hope you join the get away with Ladies from all over our area to be encouraged by Wendy Fitzgerald and experience her all new conference, Blueprint!  Join them standing side by side with other sisters in Christ, worshiping, praying, and getting stronger together. This is happening Friday and Saturday February 7 and 8.  The cost is only $39 and includes homemade meals, programing and lodging.  Learn More and Sign Up

-Ben Miller, Executive Director at Camp Illiana

Check out this small clip of Wendy teaching, Ladies don't miss this opportunity!

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