Passion For Purity

Friday, November 1 — Saturday, November 2   //   2019

Registration: 5:00 p.m. | Valleyview Lodge

Passion for Purity is for all high school girls, regardless of their background or life experience. We welcome you to join us as we seek to know more about God and His greatest desires for our lives. We believe that with God’s help we can live our passion for purity.

A pure life reaches beyond the marriage altar and into the daily life of every individual. We want to encourage the next generation to be pure in heart, mind, and action.





We ask that you pray for your daughter and the speakers during the retreat. They are being presented with Biblical teachings that can affect how they make future decisions. Pray for the other high school girls, as well, as they are challenged with God’s word.

The commitment ceremony is the highlight of our weekend. Though it is our desire that all attendees make a commitment to a lifestyle of purity, we do not require it. It is a commitment that can only be between them and the Lord. We do ask that each attendee come prepared with a nice outfit for the ceremony.

Our first year attendees will receive a purity ring and it is customary for the father to give this ring to their daughter. We understand that it is not always possible so we ask that a significant loved one or leader in their life be in attendance to present the ring to the young lady. (Father, mother, grandparent, aunt, youth leader, etc.) We ask that all parents or loved ones attend the ceremony so that you can be a part of this important time.  Second, third, and fourth year attendees will each have a time to renew their own commitment, as well.

The ceremony will be held at Valleyview Lodge. We ask that you arrive by 5:30 pm Saturday evening as the ceremony will begin at 6:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

We are excited about the weekend and have been praying and preparing for many months. We pray that during the weekend we all grow in our passion for purity so that we might honor Christ.

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