Parents and churches have questions every year. Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding Summer Camps at Illiana.

What is the check-in process?

Feel free to arrive up to an hour before check-in time begins to get in line/complete lice check. Please feed Day and Overnighter campers prior to arrival as there will be no meal served immediately after arrival except Sunday check-ins. Park in the paved parking lots and large gravel lot. Join the Lice check line outside of Valleyview Lodge and once you have finished, move to the Check-In line and go inside Valleyview Lodge. Move through all stations in the check-in process: check-in, room selection, medicine check-in, allergy station, mail drop-off, and photo area. Go next to your selected room to get your camper settled and meet his/her room leader. Please inform them of any specific concerns. Visit the Camp Store together or stop by to purchase some items for your camper/family. Say good bye and have a safe ride home... see you on Pick up Day! Please note: Prior to check-in time staff members are busy preparing for your camper's session of camp. We ask that all campers arrive only during the scheduled times. If, for any reason, you will be arriving late the day that camp begins, please let us know in advance. There is no one in our office during check-in, however we do check the messages before giving away 'waiting list' slots. Failure to contact us could result in the loss of camper's space at camp.

What is the pick-up process?

Park as close to your camper’s dorm as possible. Overnighter and Elementary Campers should be picked up in their dorm room where you dropped them off. Day Campers should be picked up in Valleyview where you left them. Campers should have any unused medication that was turned in during check-in and if not, please check with the First Aid Staff. Check Lost and Found on the Dining Hall porch for any misplaced items. Please double check to make sure that you take everything you brought. Enjoy all of the tales and stories from your child's session of camp. Please note: Because early departures can be disruptive to your camper and his/her group, we encourage you to plan according to the session timelines. We understand that unusual or emergency situations can exist and ask that you notify the office as soon as possible, if your camper’s departure time is different than the camp schedule. Regarding late pick-ups, please understand that our staff have other responsibilities and duties related to the operation of Camp Illiana which begin immediately after the official end of each camp session. As such, it is difficult to provide care for campers after the scheduled pick-up time. Please arrive on time and take note of any time zone difference. If you have arranged for someone else to pick up your camper, please tell your camper this and inform us at Check-in.

Is there a Head Lice check?

Each camper will be examined for head lice upon arrival at Camp Illiana. If nits or lice are present, the primary parent will be notified and will be responsible for the cost of treatment, which must be done before a camper is allowed to remain at camp. A lice treatment company will be on site and will treat your camper for a fee. Scholarships are available, if needed. We want a camper’s time at Camp Illiana to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience, so please take the precautionary measures of checking at home prior to arrival, to see that they are ready for the total camp experience.

How is medication handled?

It is Camp Illiana’s policy that all medication (prescription and over-the-counter) be checked in with the First Aid Provider during the registration process. It will be kept and administered under the supervision of the First Aid Staff and in accord with orders from the camper’s physician and with the permission of the parents. Medications are most commonly given at mealtimes and bedtime. During the registration process there is a parental permission section that allows the camp to administer any over-the-counter medication he/she may need. Over-the-counter medications/supplies that the camp keeps are listed below:

  • Ace Bandages
  • After-Bite Relief
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Antiseptic Wash
  • Bacitracin Ointment
  • Bandaids
  • Benadryl
  • Ointment Itch Relief
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ice (Cold) Packs
  • Benadryl/Allergy (OTC)
  • Dramamine (Motion Sickness) (OTC)
  • Lomotil (Diarrhea) (OTC)
  • Pepto Bismol (Upset Stomach) (OTC)
  • Solarcaine Sunburn Gel
  • Pain relievers – Tylenol, Ibuprofen

How do you handle homesickness?

If a camper begins to feel homesick, the camp staff follows these steps:

  1. The Adult Faculty encourages the camper to become actively involved in activities and to have fun.
  2. The Adult Faculty informs the Dean of the camper’s homesickness.
  3. If the camper really wants to call home, the Adult Faculty consults with the Dean.
  4. The Dean consults Camp Staff and enlists their help in problem solving.
  5. If necessary, the Dean or Camp Staff calls the parent to inform them of their camper’s homesickness. At this point, the primary parent is consulted as to how they would like their child’s homesickness to be handled.
The Dean, Adult Faculty and Camp Staff will follow the parent’s instructions. Several options may be offered; the camper might try to become more actively involved and stay at camp, the camper might call and speak with his/her primary parent, or the parents might pick up the camper from camp. We want campers to feel as comfortable as possible, especially when it may be the first time away from their family. Yet, for some campers it’s still not easy to be away from home. We feel it is best for the primary parent and camp staff to collectively decide whether it’s appropriate for the camper to be encouraged to stay at camp or go home and try another year. When a camper is extremely homesick, it’s not only difficult for the camper, but also for the camper’s leader and the other campers. We hope that together we can find the best solution for everyone involved.

How are sickness and injuries handled?

The Camp First Aid Station is primarily a short-term treatment center, not one that is equipped to handle extended nursing care. If a camper does not feel well (e.g., fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or any other acute illness), please keep your camper at home. We cannot keep a camper with a condition that could be contagious. If a camper begins showing any of the following signs the primary parent will be contacted and asked to pick him/her up from camp:

  • Fever
  • Nausea/Diarrhea/Vomiting
  • Earache
  • Suspected Chicken Pox, measles, or other contagious rashes
  • Suspected Strep Throat
  • Suspected Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Pediculosis (head lice)
  • Any injury requiring a physician’s care
  • When the Camp First Aid Staff Provider deems it to be in the best interest of the camper
If a camper visits the Camp First Aid Staff Provider for something minor, he or she will receive first aid treatment and continue with the activities at camp. Primary Parent will be notified of anything more serious.

How is camper discipline handled?

It is the policy of Camp Illiana that staff members and volunteer faculty are prohibited from using physical discipline in any way for behavior management of campers. No form of physical discipline is acceptable. This prohibition includes spanking, slapping, pinching, hitting, or any other physical force as retaliation or correction for inappropriate behaviors by campers. If a camper is unruly or fails to comply with verbal warnings or instructions from a staff member or volunteer faculty, the Camp Illiana Executive Director will contact the camper’s Parent. If the behavior persists, the camper’s Parent will be contacted to pick up the camper.

What is the refund policy?

Camp Illiana Cancellation Policy has been created due to increased demand and to ensure fairness to all who wish to attend. Sign ups cancelling within 30 days of the session start date will forfeit 50% of tuition or be offered a transfer to another session. Sign ups cancelling within 14 days of their session start date will forfeit entire tuition or be offered a transfer to another session. Campers canceling due to illness, with doctor’s note, will receive their entire camp fee. Camp Illiana Directors reserve the right to dismiss any person whose influence and conduct becomes detrimental to the best interests of the program and/or event. No refunds will be made for dismissed persons or withdrawals. The only exception is for a withdrawal based on illness or family emergency. If such an exception occurs the Camp Illiana Executive Director may issue a partial refund or transfer to another session.

Can you accommodate campers with special dietary needs?

Camp Illiana can accommodate certain common dietary needs (lactose intolerance, minor food allergies, etc), However, please have a discussion with us in advance, by calling us regarding any special dietary needs. In addition, please note any special dietary needs during the Online Sign Up Form. Concerning campers with SEVERE peanut allergies, please take note that we cannot guarantee that all foods served during the week will be free of trace amounts of nuts. Please also understand that while we do offer a gluten-free option, we do not always offer a vegetarian option at our meals. We strive to serve our campers healthy and delicious food; in addition, consumption of healthy and well-balanced portions is required for all our campers.

Can you accommodate campers with special needs?

Our faculty generally does not have the special skills needed to work with special needs campers, although we are open to having a conversation about a parent attending camp with their special needs campers. Our desire is to see every camper that comes to Camp Illiana have the best experience possible. The situation may also require a Doctor's Note clearing them for a full session of camp and the activities they will be involved in while here. Please give us a call if your special needs child is interested in attending camp, before signing up him/her.

What is the Camper/Staff ratio?

Camp Illiana’s room groups typically consist of 10 campers who are overseen by either 2 adult faculty or an adult faculty and junior faculty. The total ratio including program and non-program staff is approximately 50 faculty for approximately 240 campers. There are, in addition, approximately 35 full time/summer staff who work at camp all summer.

Who will my campers leader be?

At Check-in, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a room and at that time, the faculty/leaders for each room will be listed. The men and women who make up our faculty are often former campers, while others are recruited from local churches (often your own) and colleges. All of our faculty go through extensive training regarding their responsibilities and camp policies and procedures. Each faculty is background checked and is required to follow the camp safety policy.

How do you handle bedwetting?

Our Staff are trained to handle bedwetting incidents with discretion and sensitivity. Our goal is for your camper to have a positive experience during their session at camp without being singled out or made to feel embarrassed. We will discreetly launder any soiled bed linens or sleeping bags during the day while the campers are going about their daily routines. To help us help your camper, please make your camper's faculty aware of a history of bedwetting and give them any recommendations you may have. In addition, please tell your camper to inform their faculty or junior faculty first thing in the morning regarding any accident they may have. Please also consider sending your camper to camp with pull-ups (they are now common and available at most supermarkets for all sizes). Pull-ups can be worn discreetly and without the knowledge of other campers. If you do send your camper to camp with pull-ups, please inform your camper's faculty, so that they can ensure that the pull-ups are properly disposed of when necessary.

Can my camper and a friend be together in the same room?

We make every effort to assure that your camper will be in the room with at least one friend. During the check-in process, there will be room selection sign-up sheets where a camper may sign up and sign a friend up (even though they might not both be present at the time) Large groups of friends may need to split up depending on group size and room availability.

Can you make exceptions to the listed age groups for camps?

Experience has shown us that most campers are happier with others at their own peer level. For this reason, we break the sessions up by age and host several different sessions of camp to accommodate all ages. While we may be flexible (after a conversation with a parent) with the age groups, we encourage you to seek a session that is age appropriate for your camper.

Is my camper insured while at camp?

Your medical insurance covers your camper in case of an accident or injury occurring during a camp session. All campers attending camp should have some form of medical insurance, health sharing program, or be covered by Medicaid. Camp Illiana does carry liability insurance in the case of negligence against property, staff, or volunteer faculty.

What is the cell phone policy?

During a session of camp, we strive to help campers take their next step in following Jesus. One of the wonderful things about being at camp is that campers are able to get away from the distractions of the everyday world. It is our mission that Camp Illiana will be a place where campers can connect to God through His word, relationships, nature, and activities. Camp is also a great time of self-discovery and testing out one's independence. Experience has shown us that allowing campers to have phone contact with friends or family outside of camp detracts from the camp experience, disrupts our ability to build relationships at camp, and often breeds homesickness. A mildly homesick camper usually becomes a very homesick camper after a phone conversation, and campers who have no homesickness often suddenly develop it when they become aware that their friend has a hidden cell phone. For these reasons, we do not permit campers to have cell phones (even if they are intended to be used as cameras) and ask that you help enforce this policy by not allowing your camper to bring a phone. Please know that if a situation involving your camper arises that warrants parental involvement, be it severe homesickness, a behavioral issue, or a healthcare concern, we will contact you. If you have an emergency and you need to contact your camper, please call our office at (812) 254-3322. Your confirmation email will also list multiple cell phone numbers of staff should you need them.

Can I visit my camper at camp?

You are always allowed to visit camp anytime. However, Camp Illiana discourages visitors to camp during our short camp sessions. Parents stopping by to check on their campers can be a disruptive influence on not only their camper's time at camp, but also on the room as a whole. Simply put, campers who are not homesick often become so when their parents or family members visit them at camp and homesickness can be contagious. We ask parents who need to drop something off for their camper that they may have forgotten to schedule that drop off time with our office. Parents and visitors are welcome and encouraged to tour Camp Illiana on Sunday during check-in and on pick up days after picking your camper up at the end of camp.

Can I send my camper a care package?

Parents are encouraged to shop at the Camp Store before leaving camp on drop-off day. You may purchase items to leave as a care package for your camper. Care packages that do not contain candy or food are allowed! We ask that you please do not have your camper bring food or candy to camp or mail them food or candy while they are here. Food and candy only encourage unwanted ants/bugs to find their way into the dorms and other places where we do not want them. Campers are offered healthy and delicious meals every day and in addition, they are given canteen (snack and drink) twice a day. Please help us to keep our dorms free of messes and bugs by not sending your camper food or candy.

Should I write to my camper?

Absolutely! Campers are always very excited to receive a letter from home. We encourage parents to write their campers while they are at camp. We will have a “mail drop off” area available at check-in. Mail is distributed every day at some point depending on the session’s schedule. To send your camper a letter, please use the following address: Camp Illiana Camper First and Last Name, Room # 723 E. 450 S. Washington, IN 47501

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